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Harvest Host Camping at Briceland Vineyards in Humboldt County, California

Truly Handcrafted Briceland Wine

The Jeep slowly ambled up the rough dirt road as I looked for any signs of a vineyard. My husband followed me driving our truck and camper we call Ardy. We had already traveled over

Revive Your Soul at Testa Vineyards

Maria graciously plucked off a few sprigs of rosemary from the large bush that grows in a pristine garden surrounding the patio outside the tasting room. She was quick to accommodate my request to take

Wagon wheel at the Cottonwood RV Park in Bluff, Utah

Our Surprising Discovery of Bluff, Utah

The Cottonwood RV Park sits on the edge in the small community of Bluff, Utah. This quaint 12 acre park with 22 full hook-up spaces is rustic but well cared for. The location makes it

Plants along the Abel Tasman Trail in New Zealand

Tramping Around Nelson, New Zealand

Trails in New Zealand are called tracks. Several tracks surround the Nelson area and most of them climb a hill. What amazes us the most is the vegetation along these tracks. One moment we seem

Rabbit Island

  We spent the afternoon on Rabbit Island today.  A twenty-minute drive from Nelson is the a lovely park along the beach. Campsites are simple with grass pull-ins, a picnic table, and a large barbeque.

Cottage window on Collingwood Street, Nelson, New Zealand

La Petite Maison

I had seen a picture of the purple cottage with its fuchsia doors, blackberry-colored trim, and mauve wisteria growing around the front door. We even “drove” by it on Google Earth, but nothing prepared me

Fishing trawlers in Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

San Francisco

  Our trip to San Francisco seems like ages ago now, but it remains the highlight of our stay in Loomis, California. The weather granted us beautiful clear skies and perfect temperatures all day. What an adventure