Pub Crawls Ramble Dog Style

Pub crawls have been a tradition that has thrived for centuries.   The sparse history of pub crawls often places their beginning in Great Britain. Today, this bar hopping experience has
Marigot Bay in St Lucia

St. Lucia, a Caribbean Gem

Multiple flags lined the busy streets of Castries, waving in the coastal breeze. Layered triangles centered on the flags’ ocean blue background decorated private homes, government buildings, and various shops
Buffalo Roundup 2023 Custer State Park South Dakota

Buffalo Roundup 2023

My binoculars held steady on a view of the ridge. “There they are!” shouted a spectator. Thousands of witnesses, all strangers for the most part but at that moment all
Vino Salida Wine Cellars storefront in Poncha Springs, Colorado

Vino Salida Wine Cellars

We pulled into the driveway from the east with confidence, for this was our second visit to Vino Salida Wine Cellars.  The routine for this Harvest Host stay was familiar.
S. G. Wall Druggist store in Durango, Colorado

Walking Durango

During one of my local public library visits, I found five copies of a small paperback tucked in the local history section.  While flipping through the pages of Peggy Winkworth’s
Box Canon sign above the falls in Ouray, Colorado

Discovering Ouray, Part 2

My Ramble Dog adventures often lead me to the local public library of the town I am visiting. Ouray’s Public Library on 3rd Ave. was no exception. Among the books

Discovering Ouray, Part 1

We don’t make it a habit to revisit a place that we’ve been to before, unless it’s home to family. Ouray, Colorado is an exception. Our fourth trip to Ouray
Wine Tasting Barrel Sign at Briceland Winery

Truly Handcrafted Briceland Wine

The Jeep slowly ambled up the rough dirt road as I looked for any signs of a vineyard. My husband followed me driving our truck and camper we call Ardy.

Revive Your Soul at Testa Vineyards

Maria graciously plucked off a few sprigs of rosemary from the large bush that grows in a pristine garden surrounding the patio outside the tasting room. She was quick to
Zane Grey RV Village Office

Zane Grey RV Village in Camp Verde, Arizona

We discovered a shaded gem in the Verde Valley to park our fifth-wheel for the summer. It’s not a secret gem, as the park was bustling all season with short