Discovering Ouray, Part 1


We don’t make it a habit to revisit a place that we’ve been to before, unless it’s home to family.

Ouray, Colorado is an exception. Our fourth trip to Ouray was a day drive during our 2023 stay in Durango. We spent a brief time revisiting our best memories made during our 2019 stay at the 4J+1+1 RV Park in Ouray.

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My first discovery of Cascade Falls was during our 2019 visit to Ouray. Trekking around town on a solo walk I could see the falls from just about everywhere in Ouray.  Hiking uphill from the corner of Main Street and 8th Ave, my rapid breath slowed my pace tremendously.

I consider myself a flatlander being from Mesa, Arizona with an elevation of 1,300 feet. Strolling up a few hundred feet on this quarter-mile road to the falls was a challenge. Although I walk a lot, this steep climb at an elevation of about 8,000 feet that didn’t quit until I reached the base of the lower falls winded me. 

John wanted to see the Cascade Falls up close for his first time, since he did not go with me during our previous stay. We fortunately grabbed a parking spot within the park so we didn’t have to labor up the steep hill on foot. Its powerful waterfall attracted several visitors that day, including hikers who went right up to the base of the falls to get wet.

John Warren at Cascade Falls Park Waterfalls in Ouray, Colorado
Ouray Brewery on the corner of 6th Avenue and Main Street in Ouray, Colorado

Our Kiwi friend from New Zealand, Roger Mitchard, once told us that, “Every good tramp ends at a pub.” We’ve adopted that mantra which often leads us to a local brew pub after a tramp or hike. Despite the short walk to the falls, today was no exception. Ouray Brewery was our next stop. We left our first visit to this popular main street pub with two Ouray Brewery souvenir beer mugs, pub stickers for our sticker bomb in the camper, and a t-shirt that John literally wore out over these past four years.

As in the past, this visit was equally  enjoyable. Joking around with the bartender and the “man in charge” kept us entertained. It felt like we owned the place being the only ones to sit in the swinging chairs at the bar while every other patron headed up to the rooftop patio.

Cool Bartender at Ouray Brewery in Colorado

Who could blame them, it was a beautiful, sunny day providing gorgeous mountain views.  We split a plate of yummy pub fries and enjoyed a new beer on the menu called, “Here’s Ya Damn Hazy.” That self-explanatory title reflects not only the multitude of requests for a hazy beer by the Zoomers, but also the failed resistance by the establishment. How cheeky!

Discovering Ouray