A Day of Adventures in San Francisco

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Our trip to San Francisco seems like ages ago now, but it remains the highlight of our stay in Loomis, California.

The weather granted us beautiful clear skies and perfect temperatures all day. What an adventure we had walking along the shore at Fisherman’s Wharf and out to the end of the Aquatic Park Pier before heading to the cable car turntable. It was the first time John and I walked on an ocean beach together.  The Cable Car resembled an amusement ride, climbing up and down the steep hills of downtown.

San Francisco Cable Car

John led me on a tour of his old stomping grounds from his Academy of Art days in the early 90’s. This walk through the old neighborhood ended at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park where we enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and jasmine tea. Other food delights included chocolate samples in Ghirardelli Square topped off with clam chowder in a bread bowl at Boudin’s right on the wharf…yummy!

Pond in the Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco doesn’t seem like that big of a city until you have to cross town jam-packed on a city bus among the locals. Boy, did we walk. Despite using several modes of transportation throughout the day, we also walked several miles.

San Francisco vintage trollies

Just when I thought my feet were about to give up, we were forced to walk from Ghirardelli Square, near Pier 39, all the way to the Ferry Building at Pier 1. One-by-one, the electric trains would pass us, unable to stop because they were already packed like sardines cans with tourists. Lucky us, we ran up the dock to our ferry to Vallejo with only one minute to spare. As we crossed the ferry gates, the dock workers closed them behind us.


We spent the last of our cash on a couple of beers and enjoyed the hour ride watching the sunset on the trip back to the East Bay. What a memorable day!

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2 thoughts on “A Day of Adventures in San Francisco”

  1. Betty Frable says:

    What a wonderful blog/postcard! Matthew and I wandered about SF on Mother’s Day in 2001. I’d forgotten how much my feet hurt until I read this! We had the quietness experience in China Town and no one on the trolley’s until after we hand lunch. It was somewhat surreal being two of the few tourists out and about that morning. Yet, how cool to have the place nearly to ourselves. The only noise was a drunk shouting/spewing prophesies. We didn’t allow that to mar our wonderful experience. Thanks for helping me recall treasured memories.

  2. Barbara Provoast says:

    I am really enjoying your photos and posts on FB! I was say in your case, “life is beautiful”. Life is beautiful here too!!

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